Discover the fruits that cats can eat

The first thing to keep in mind about the fruits that cats can eat, it must be fruit whose sugar content is low, and that their use must remain moderate.


As a teacher, it is important to know that there are alternatives healthy and natural foods for pets. However, it is essential, before you start to change the diet of your animal, document you and know what is beneficial to him. Read on and discover the fruits that cats can eat without risk.

Tips before you begin to incorporate fruit in his diet

If your cat doesn't usually eat fruit, it is likely that too sudden a change of diet produces diarrhea or vomiting. So try to introduce new elements gradually to allow his stomach to get used.

It is also important to mention that the fruits are rich in sugar. It is not recommended to incorporate too much in the diet of cats, who are at risk of diabetes. Some varieties have less sugar than others. It's the fruit that cats can eat safely.

The Apple, a perfect fruit

The Apple is a high-fiber and low-sugar fruit. It is therefore an excellent choice for cats of a certain age, overweight or having a slow metabolism.


Apple is also a source of vitamin C and vitamin A. It will help keep the tissues and the bones of your cat healthy. It is important to remove the seeds and the heart, that contain cyanide.

Apricot is full of energy

This compact and fleshy fruit is an ideal source of beta carotene. It provides 50% of the recommended amount of vitamin A daily and has anti-cancer properties. Therefore, a healthy to take into account alternative.

Don't forget to remove the kernel of apricot to prevent your cat to eat, it is indeed toxic to animals.

Banana and its potassium intake

This potassium in bananas will help the heart and kidneys of your cat. It is a great addition to the diet of your cat. The banana also provides a feeling of satiety which can help overweight cats to eat better.

The only problem is that it contains a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. We recommend that you control the quantities.

Antioxidant Parliament of blueberries

The benefits of blueberries translate in humans but also in animals. Do not forget that they prevent cell ageing and urinary infections because they are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids.

One of the latest reports from the American Chemical Society concludes that, in the case of humans, the blueberries could even be used to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Our cats are also lucky: a good dose of blueberries can improve their night vision.

Oranges, but in moderation

The orange is certainly not the favorite fruit of cats (dogs, yes). However, do not ignore its contribution of vitamin C for your cat. This vitamin will be beneficial to the immune system of the latter. It will also help him get rid of the toxins.


The main disadvantage of oranges is their skin, as well as their seeds. The oils naturally found in oranges can be toxic to some animals. Don't use so that pulp your cat to avoid that he feels bad. All citrus fruits are not good for cats. The lime, lemon and grapefruit can cause vomiting.

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