Choosing the litter of your cat and dog

Kings of cleanliness, cats are very sensitive to their environment. The choice of litter is then crucial for your little companion. Know that your cat will be clean if he likes his litter! There are several types of bedding with different qualities: you can choose the one that suits you best, but be careful, it must also be suitable for your cat! Indeed, if the latter does not adopt it, it will quickly make you understand by choosing itself another place ... that you will surely not approve! To get used to new elements in its environment, it will take little by little for your cat to adopt it gently.

The different types of litter


The classic mineral litter

It is composed of natural clay and comes in the form of white pebbles. It has the advantage of not sticking to the legs and not clinging to the hair of your pet. Scented mineral litters provide effective odor control. This type of litter has the disadvantage of making a lot of dust, having to be renewed completely at least once or twice a week and weigh relatively heavy in the household waste.

Silica litter

It is a mixture of zeolites (natural or synthetic minerals) that have a high water retention rate. This type of litter is very absorbent because the liquids are drained into the grains that will become yellow over time. This type of litter is known to last a long time, which implies a good aeration of the litter to avoid bad smells.

Clumping litter

It is recognized by the pellets formed from the urine of your cat. It is in the form of granules that aggregate around the droppings thus forming agglomerates easy to remove. It has the advantage of making it easier to clean the box and make it less frequent: it is sufficient every day to remove the agglomerated balls with a shovel and add a little litter instead. Thus, the diffusion of bad smells is limited, the pellets are not very dusty and the litter takes longer. The disadvantage may be that this litter sticks to the legs and hair of cats.

The plant litter
It is composed mostly of wood chips, so it is 100% natural and organic. Its components give it the
following qualities: good absorption and good odor control. It is environmentally friendly and can be either composted or thrown into the toilet. In any case, it can significantly reduce its share of household waste and thus make you save money. The disadvantage of this litter and that, being lighter, it scatters more easily around the tray of your cat.

How to educate my cat to go to bed?

The litter of your little companion must be easily accessible while being in a quiet place and without too much passage to preserve his privacy.
Then your cat must accept the litter you have chosen: for this, it must be tested gradually and gradually get used to change. If he has trouble accepting his bedding, try to watch him and tell him at the right time that he must go: when you see that he starts to scratch looking for a place in a small corner, take it and put him in his bedding so he has no other choice to do his needs.

Tip: To attract your cat to litter, put a little bleach in the bottom. Cats are attracted by the smell of ammonia and therefore go more easily to places cleaned with bleach. Conversely, if by accident he does his needs elsewhere than in his bedding, avoid cleaning with bleach, otherwise he will be encouraged to start again ...

How to educate my dog ​​to go to bed?

In order to encourage your dog to use litter, place it at regular times (every two hours at the
beginning), in the center of it. Reward him as soon as he uses it and makes it his needs.

NB: Cats and dogs usually do their needs after meals and after their nap, so be sure to put them in their bedding at these times to get them used to them.

Litter bins or washrooms

Find in our catalog: litter box, practical and easy to maintain, at the bathroom with many qualities:

  • a lid for the privacy of the cat;
  • an anti-excrement drawer to easily and quickly change the litter;
  • an anti-odor device thanks to activated carbon filters and the door;
  • an integrated doormat that can be installed in or in front of the house, to prevent the animal from scattering litter when leaving;
  • a silkscreen pattern for the deco side;
  • a handle for transportation;
  • a clip assembly for easy maintenance.

Remember to have a container to keep your bedding and protect it from moisture: we offer the litter carafe.

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