5 tips to encourage your cat to eat

Cats are known to be really tough on food. If your cat does not want to touch his meal while he is healthy and his bowl has not been moved (the cats adooor their little habits), then all you have to do is try one of these 5 tips!
1. Warm up your food
You know, cats have a very keen sense of smell. Thus, they hate the cold food because it does not emit enough odor. So, remember to take out the mash from the fridge a few minutes before giving it to him. You can also warm it for a few seconds in the microwave to exhale all the smells and make it more appetizing in your cat's eyes.

2. Add salmon oil
For fish-loving cats, salmon oil may be a good way to lure them to their bowl. In addition to having good taste, it is low in calories, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. Pour a net in the bowl of your cat and he should not be asked to come to eat. Note that this also works with rapeseed oil, but your feline may find it less palatable.

3. Add beer yeast
Cats crave beer yeast. In addition, it is very beneficial for their health since it helps to strengthen their coat, their claws, their intestinal flora and their immune system. Do not hesitate to sprinkle a little on the food kitty story to bait. A small piece of butter or a small piece of cheese can also replace the yeast of beer but will not have the same benefits on the health of your feline.

4. Prepare a broth
Nothing better than a broth of vegetables or homemade meat to decorate the food of his cat. If you cook, remember to keep the broth for your tomcat and pour it on his kibble to encourage him to eat.

5. Moisten his croquettes
Sometimes older cats, kittens or cats with dental problems can have a hard time chewing their kibble. In this case, moisten them with a little warm water. On the other hand, your cat will have to consume them immediately, otherwise they will perish quickly.

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