4 tips to protect the cat's birds

In the face of the decline of certain species of birds, the gardener must protect the birds of his garden from his cat and / or those cats roaming around. Follow these 4 tips to protect the birds that come to feed in your garden from cats who would like to take advantage of the boon:
1- The feeder must be placed in an open area from which birds can see it arrive.
2- Place on the ground chicken wire: cats do not like to walk on it.
3 - The bell: put on the neck of your felines a necklace decorated with a bell. Thus, they can not approach their prey with impunity without warning them. In addition, nothing is more cute than a cat tinnitus walking lasciviously.
4- Repellent odors: plant at the foot of the feeder and around the plants that emit a smell not appreciated by cats: the stinking street, the anti-cat plant. Also try coffee grounds, citrus peels, cayenne pepper, peppermint ...

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